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Complete Accuracy, perhaps is still something that everyone can agree on. The secret? The 12 litz conductors using 
6 Group Round Matrix Braid, resulting in magnetic field cancellation and very low inductance. Further, the 6 Round Matrix Braid cancels the dynamic skin-effect. The Zeus has a non-inductive and matched-group delay through the entire audible frequency spectrum. The only thing not cancelled is the sound, allowing you to hear every little note of the music in details with full transparency, at full dynamics. 
What does it sound like? Nothing - Nada. The Zeus Speaker Wire will maintain the true high-level signal put out from your Audio system, without causing any 'corruption' , therefore giving a completely transparent transition from your amplifier to the speakers. You will hear the true potential of your amplifier and system, nothing more or less. The Zeus Speaker Wire's Ultra Low Dielectric and ultra low inductance both ensure complete transparency and accuracy. It is sometimes harder to distinguish a clarity cable from a cable with a "sound eq" that boost certain freq. Easy way to tell is when the music/songs collection exhibits the "same sound" style rather than the "unique signature" of every music/songs. 
We only sell Absolute Clarity pre-terminated! 
The connection between cable and connector is extremely critical. In order to maintain the function of how our cable is designed, we decided to keep this in-house. We crimp the connector at proper pressure for making a wonderful, 
air tight, joint. 




Default Length: 
3.3 Meters 
Porous Cellular Polytetrafluoroethylene

Air Core Teflon Suspended Design

12x 16AWG 
Silver Plated Aerospace Super Conductor

DC Resistance: 
0.00008 Ohms per meter 
Velocity of Propagation: 
Banana Input & Spade Output 

Zeus Speaker Cable - 3.3m

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