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A perfect cable works as a perfect signal carrier without the
side effects of the most other cables that saturated the
market, which display severe issues with non-linear
frequency response and phase shifting caused by
an unmatched group delay. While The Zeus focus on the
Clarity & Transparency aspect such as details, separation,
inner texture etc, It also maintain the signal integrity with
our Matched Group Delay Technology, instead of
compensating with some mystery boxes, batteries and
cryogenic treatment of 13N Copper. It is very challenging
to beat the The Zeus series, regardless of price. Available
in single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) version.
What does it sound like? Nothing – Nada-
The Zeus passes the signal of an infifinite number of
sine waves in many levels without causing any ‘corruption’
between the source output to the input. No part of the m
usic suffer an unmatched group delay (phase shift).
In another word, the timing of each tone has to be exactly
the same before and after this cable. If your audio
equipment system is capable of producing preservation of
the recordings’ sound, given the the speaker setting and
the room acoustics is already optimal, the result is so
wonderful that you can truly imagine being in the studio
recording among the singers and musicians.
The Zeus's Ultra Low Dielectric ensures complete
transparency. It is sometimes harder to distinguish a
clarity cable from a cable with a “sound eq” that boost
certain freq. Easy way to tell is when the music/songs
collection exhibits the “same sound” style rather than the
“unique signature” of every music/songs.




Default Length: 
1.2 Meters 
Porous Cellular Polytetrafluoroethylene

Air Core Teflon Suspended Design

17 AWG & 16 AWG 
Silver Plated Aerospace Super Conductor

DC Resistance: 
0.04 Ohms per meter (Signal) 
0.021 Ohms per meter (Ground)

18.74 pf/ft (61.48 pf.m) 
0.3 µH/ft (1 µH/m) 
Velocity of Propagation: 

Duelund (RCA)

Zeus RCA Interconnect - 1.2m

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