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Gaius - Crafted with Passion for a Heartfelt Musical Experience



Gaius as our first 3way floorstander – moderate size, presenting second to none true musical experience from the lowest to the highest note at the absolute transparency while giving you that exciting rhythm and dynamics listening experience.


The Engineering

We believe that every high performance speakers needs a solid foundation of engineering.

The foundation is the Woofer, a proprietary high sensitivity 8” paper cone with a  natural and excellent bass transient response and chamfered baffle shape to minimized diffraction, so you will hear real and enjoyable bass. Followed by the excellent neodymium 160mm Midrange and Dual Piston Tweeter with high sensitivity, high power handling and mated with short waveguide to control dispersion.

Gaius features controlled directivity design to present precision stable imaging and separation, and so you will hear a lively presentation, the linear impedance will keep balanced sound with any amplifiers.


The  Sound

There were a lot of measurements taken and considered on the process, once it was set, it will be valuable for keeping every Gaius have the same and matched measurable behaviour. However, while designing we put highest priority for reproduction the 'original musical aspect' out of the sound.

To achieve it, we have done extensive ETR (evaluation, tuning and recheck) with optimized crossover, damping, fine tuning it meticulously.

We believe that the Gaius convey closer to true musical fundamental that includes accurate keytone & pitch, engaging pace, tuneful melody with proper Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release and harmonious timing (among multiple tones from instruments).

We hope that music lovers can have an enhanced listening experience through the Gaius that is soulful, musical and extra ordinary.



Three Way Bass Reflex

Drive Units :

1 x 170mm Midrange

1 x 45mm Dual Piston Tweeter

2 x 220mm Bass

Frequency Range




Maximum Output 


Nominal Impedance



W 260 x H 1375 x D 432mm



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