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A Secret for an Incredible Musical Experience at Home

How your Listening Room's react to the sound of your Loudspeakers is the key to get the best musical experience from your system. An obvious example is when you are in the shower or bathroom, where wall distance is short and lined with hard reflective materials, any sound energy in that particular area will be sporadically reflected, reinforced and cancelled (depending on frequency and wall distances).


Ideally the room should be neutral, hence the term "NON-ENVIRONMENT ROOM" (that studios and acoustics expert use) where the room itself does not contribute sound signature or adding sound signal from the source. Managing the room's low frequency (LF) reverberation of low frequency is one of the key to achieve it. There are 2 things that we can do to manage room's LF reverberation, and that is by Velocity and Pressure.


If your system is in an enclosed room and the source of low frequency sound only at 1 point (2 for stereo - of course), 99% of the time you will experience a wildly peak and dip LF response. However, if your system is in an open space where 'leaks' to the other part of the house, then your chance of getting better LF response is higher significantly.

Placement of the Loudspeakers become vital at this point, where you have to determined which ones sounded best or provided the best balance of all, BUT there will be compromises to achieve this.


Multiple point of LF source is THE ONLY solution for the BEST LF in-room performance without any compromises. Typically you will need 2 or more per channel to get the best balance. Since its multiple, inherently we shall need DSP to fine tune it and as it is only for LF, the sound signature of your beloved Loudspeakers and Amplifiers won't be altered, but rather helped tremendously to get the best overall presentation.

Flamenco Sketches, Kind of Blue by Miles Davis track is a quite simplistic way to understand and appreciate how Paul Chambers's opening bass should get the music going with texture, intent and set the mood for the rest of the track.

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